Financing Your Tertiary Education


Financing your tertiary education could be expensive and a burden to many families especially with the rising cost of living in Malaysia. Ri-Yaz College, consistent with our commitment to provide access of top quality education to all Malaysians have various scholarships available for our students. Our dedicated education consultants will also assist our students in securing various loans to finance their education.


We Are Providing The Best Quality Online Courses

Guaranteed internship at top establishments within the MVU Group of Companies. Gives you a better perspective on the industry by inviting current industry experts and renowned chefs from the MVU group for talks and workshops. We have a team of competent, passionate, and dedicated lecturers and academic staff.



Certificate In Business

Diploma in Culinary Arts

Diploma in Hotel Management


Empowering lives through core values and life-long learning


  • – Provide quality education through innovation, technology and engagement with industry stakeholders
  • – Leverage synergies within business ecosystem to create unique and exciting academic programs
  • – Development of talent through continuous education, experience and human capital investment
  • – Instilling core values to create transformational leaders

Core Values

  • Passion: Love and devoted to what we do
  • Innovative: Consistently evolving to remain current and competitive
  • Excellence: Striving to achieve distinction
  • Integrity: Doing what is right for the right reasons
  • Respect: Recognising diversity as an integral part of society and to treat all with respect and tolerance
Ri-Yaz College


Ri-Yaz college is the first college to implement metaverse teaching in Malaysia. Ri Yaz college also holds the title of the first Metaverse University Campus in Malaysia. The college is located in Georgetown, Penang, specialising in the development of skilled personnel for the hospitality, culinary, and tourism industries.

We decided to set up our college in the heart of George Town, Penang so that our students can soak up the vibrant life of the city while experiencing outstanding hospitality firsthand in this UNESCO World Heritage site. The two main schools within Ri-Yaz College are the School of Hospitality, Culinary & Tourism, and the School of Management.

In line with Ri-Yaz’s commitment to giving back to society and rewarding exceptional students, there will be scholarships offered for new enrolments, academic performers, and sports talent.

Programmes Offered:
👉🏻 Diploma in Business Management
👉🏻 Diploma in Hotel Management
👉🏻 Diploma in Culinary Arts

Ri-Yaz college has adapted Metaverse into teaching courses for students to experience education in the metaworld. In Metaverse, students and teachers are able to immerse themselves in a virtual environment, innovating new ways of learning. By being in the metaverse, students are able to experience first hand and also how a real item looks like virtually without the need of being in front or at that specific place. Spaces or worlds can be created to suit the need of the subjects or modules. Ri-Yaz college is bringing the future to the classroom.

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