Ri-Yaz College is Malaysia’s first Metaverse classroom college. Located in Georgetown, Penang, specializing in the development of skilled personnel for hospitality, culinary and tourism industries.

Producing career-ready graduates has always been a central focus of Ri-Yaz College. Through a rigorous process of career exploration and professional preparation, career paths and skills needed are fostered for the professional advancement of our graduates. Ri-Yaz’s mindset has always been “Play to Win”.

Ri-Yaz decided to set up our college in the heart of George Town, Penang so that our students can soak up the vibrant life of the city while experiencing outstanding hospitality firsthand in this UNESCO World Heritage site. The two main schools within Ri-Yaz College are the School of Hospitality, Culinary & Tourism, and the School of Management

In line with Ri-Yaz’s commitment to giving back to society and rewarding exceptional students, there will be scholarships offered for new enrolments, academic performers, and sports talent.

Come experience your college life and secure your future in the hospitality industry when you enroll with Ri-Yaz College.
Live up to your name. Achieve your full potential.