Financing your tertiary education could be expensive and a burden to many families. Ri-Yaz College provides deserving and needy students with various scholarships and rebates to ensure that higher education is more affordable and available to our students.

There are also various scholarships and education loans available for our students. Get in touch with our Education Consultants or email us at to find out which scholarships and financial loans you are eligible for. Just provide them your academic (SPM) results and they will guide you from there on.


Our dedicated counsellors will guide and assist our students in the application of scholarships. We will assist you in preparing all the required documents and filling up the application form accurately and the whole application process so that you stand a better chance in securing the scholarship.
Ri-Yaz College

Scholarships Available:

    At Ri-Yaz we hold true to our believe and commitment of providing top quality education to a broad spectrum of Malaysian students and giving back to society while doing it. To ensure that access to good education is available for students from all walks of life, Ri-Yaz has introduced various scholarships for students to help support their educational aspirations and achieve the dreams and passions.
    This scholarship is for top achievers in the secondary education.Students who have outstanding results in their SPM / O-Levels / UEC Examination are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is only for new students who join Ri-Yaz College.
    Ri-Yaz College is very passionate about sports hence talented Malaysian athletes who have represented at state or national level in sports could get themselves a scholarship to further their studies at Ri-Yaz College.
    Ri-Yaz College students will be rewarded with scholarships and financial assistance for performing well academically for each semester. Students who achieve a minimum CGPA of 3.5 and above in a semester will be given a partial scholarship for their tuition fees in the following semester. This is to help motivate you to perform at your best as a student of Ri-Yaz College.
    This is a unique scholarship where outstanding students of Ri-Yaz College will be identified and would be absorbed as a management trainee for our hotels and resorts. These students would be trained and groomed by Ri-Yaz to become supervisors and managers in our hotels and resorts. Wondering if you are eligible for these scholarships? Get in touch with our education consultants or email us at for more information and application procedure.

Rebirth Scholarships

One of the core values of college is that it believes one should have the access to higher education regardless of one’s financial background. One’s access should not be limited by one’s results. Noting this, we has come up with a one of a kind scholarship aimed at every student who intend to further their studies locally or abroad.

This scholarship is aptly named as the “Rebirth Scholarship”, is open to all students who want to further study regardless of their results. As such, Our college HAS NOT imposed ANY academic restrictions for the students to apply. The tagline that said “The A’s We Want is Your “A”ttitude ” means just that.

No necessary to have  “As” in your results but “A”ttitude! Students just need to sit for an interview to qualify & minimum with 3 credit in SPM. The value of each scholarship is minimum from 10k and up to 100% waiver of the course fees. This scholarship is open to all SPM, IGCSE and UEC students who pass the minimum requirement set by MQA in order to be eligible to apply for the above scholarship.

On top of that, upon completion of the programme, successful candidates are also offered a career opportunity while pursuing their studies